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    Turning everyday waste into usable nutrient and microbial rich compost

Who We Are

Five Star Compost Company is a Sustainable Food and Paper Waste Composting Company. We recycle your everyday waste into usable nutrient microbial compost that will enhance poor soil and help grow healthy and productive plants.
We also offer several natural fertilizer products that won’t hurt the environment, soil, or you. Grow responsibly and healthily with Five Star Compost.

Five Star Compost recycle bucket. Colors green, gold, and white.

Compost Collection Service

You can order a food and paper waste collection bucket from Five Star Compost. FSC will deliver to you a 5-gallon collection bucket with a compostable liner bag and lid. You fill it up with your food and paper scraps, leave it on your front porch, and FSC will come and collect it once a week. In return for every 20 lbs. of waste collected you get 1 pound of usable compost back to use to benefit your growing soil.
(Currently, this service is only available locally in Richmond, Va. area)

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Five Star Compost-Pure Worm Castings
Half Pound Bag


Choose 1 or 2 bags

Five Star Compost plant food in glass jars.

Five Star Compost-Plant Food
5 OZ. Jar

Effective Micro-Organisms Microbial Inoculant. Ready to mix for fertilizer, feedstock, for compost tea.

Choose up to 4 jars

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Image of a half pound bag of worm castings with a ruler at the bottom showing 5 inches wide.

Bag is 5 inches Wide

Five Star Compost-Pure Worm Castings
Half Pound Bag Back View

Image of a half pound bag of worm castings with a ruler at the side showing 8.25 inches tall..

Bag is 8.25 inches Tall

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Five Star Compost Company

Richmond, Virginia, United States


TEXT: 804-391-4114

Five Star Compost – Informative YouTube Videos

Five Star compost worm casting tea. Learn how to create a fantastic tea fertilizer for your garden. Boost growth and yield from your plants.

Five Star Compost food waste collection service will turn your food and paper waste into usable compost to use in your potted plants or garden.

Waste Collection

We collect your waste and prevent it from filling up our landfills.


We turn your waste into nutrient rich soil amendments

Growing Medium

From potting soil and garden amendments to lawn topdressing, the ways to use these products are limitless. 

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